Thursday, November 13, 2008

Water... ever present at the moment. Especially yesterday. Both indoors and outdoors.
It was raining outside, and the bathroom radiator decided to act as a shower. Water everywhere, apparently, with a special focus on Liam who got soaked.
I on the other hand was at work and stayed dry.
My handy hubby did however manage to sort the leak temporarily, and the landlord will pay us a visit today and fix it.
Never a dull moment. Again.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fab Saturday…then came Sunday

Saturday morning, woke up early (well, at least I did) and took the baba’s for another exploring walk around Sala.
Only this time I found a little path that I presumed would end up in an estate of some sort, in a different area of town. We trod along, Abi, Zassi and I, over stocks and stones, through mud and morning damp grass and had a wonderful time. But…that estate never came! Finally we did see the roof top of a house and thought, I knew we’d end up somewhere interesting. And that we did. The rooftop was the upper part of a rather derelict stables. I did see a house a bit further on, and a road that probably would have taken us back to town, but how long of a walk it would have been I have no idea. This is where I for a change made an adult decision, and instead of plodding along a road I had no idea where it would take me, I turned around and walked back the very same way I had come.
It still was a very nice morning walk in a rather foggy Sala.
Later on, we headed into town and had a look at paint for the front room. It is not easy picturing what a certain colour will look like on a wall from a tiny little square of paint… But, we did find a colour we were both happy with (!), and will see if my mom’s ex pupil in Tierp will be able to give us the same colour to a faaaaaar better price.
We then battled our way to the newly opened Wayne’s Coffee, managed to grab a table without hitting anyone and sat down with Chai Latte and a normal Latte. Lovely!

Then came Sunday….
Woke up early, in a splendid mood! Took the baba’s for their morning walk and all was grand. On our way back to the apartment we met a lady with a greyhound, and started talking. She told me there was a dog park not far away, and that we could walk there together.
Zassi being Zassi growled a bit, as we walked, but was generally really really good! We got there, and I let Abi and Zassi, thinking it’s great to have a properly fenced in area where Zassi could run free for a bit. I told the greyhound lady not to let her dog in, because I don’t quite know how Zassi would react.
2 minutes later, the bloody terrier had found a gap under the gate and squeezed herself through and went for the greyhound!! The woman let go of her dog, who took off with Zassi chasing after her, and me chasing both of them like a mad woman cursing as I ran.
I finally caught up with them, and at this point they were both just standing there looking sort of friendly. Zassi looked confused more then anything as I tied her up, to fetch the other dog.
As the owner came, I was holding the greyhound and going through him to make sure there were no wounds. Which of course there was…. Well, only one. Because greyhounds have no fur at all, and very thin skin Zassi had managed to give the poor dog a wound by the elbow. Only a skin deep wound, but quite big.
I felt so embarrassed, and didn’t know what to say. The lady was really good about it, saying it’s not the first time it’s happened, and that greyhounds do get wounds easily because of their lack of fur and thin skin.
Gave her my phone number and told me to give me a ring when she’d been to the vets, so that I could settle the bill.

Walked back to the apartment, crying and straight away phoned my sister in law to ask for her help with Zassi. Later on that evening I went to my brother’s house, and met up with Sharon and talked everything through. I had to a certain extent worked out what I needed to do with Zassi, and she confirmed it and gave me some more tips.
So, it is now Doggie bootcamp at the Higgins’ residence!

Oh, the vet’s cost us 4000SEK. Could have painted the front room 4 times for that money……

Never a dull moment….

Monday, November 3, 2008

Done and dusted!

After two gruesome days of carrying boxes, furniture, boxes, bags, suitcases, boxes, furniture, some more bags and Michael up 3 flights of stairs, and then unpacking all these boxes, bags, suitcases, boxes, bags, furniture and Michael we are finally installed in our apartment.
It is starting to look like a home, even though it is in need of some paint. The painting we’ll save until December though, and greet Bill and Sharon with a paintbrush and a bucket of paint each. Beige paint, that is.
On a serious note, we are hoping to have it done before December, as the orangey-yellow walls are a bit…well orangey-yellow.
Unpacking all boxes felt a bit like Christmas, as there was loads of stuff we’d sort of forgotten we had. Especially that big box containing Michael had us a bit surprised, as we have no recollection of having him on display anywhere in Donegal, or packing him for that matter.

We all went for a bit of sightseeing yesterday, and seeing as it was a bit chilly with minus 2-3 degrees, Michael wrapped up warm with ski jacket and trousers and a big scarf. It sort of made me wonder what on earth he’ll be wearing when it REALLY gets cold, hitting minus 20….

I woke up early yesterday morning, after having conked out totally at half nine, and took the dogs for a lovely long walk in the park by the lake. It is really pretty, and the little stream leading to and from the lake is filled with… ducks! Guess if Zassi thought it was the best walk ever, and would have been even better if that damned human didn’t hold on to the lead for dear life! Abi did her job and chased a few of them off, but I am afraid Zassi would not have had the sense to stop where the water started… Thinking ahead is not one of her greater qualities.

We have now ordered broadband and a land line, so in about 2 weeks we will be online again, and will get back to you with phone numbers etc.
Until then I will have to do all my internet-ing at work. Very bold I am!