Thursday, October 8, 2009

Broccoli vs mince?

If you're a dog that should be a pretty obvious question. But not if you're Ashiki.
Those of you who have followed the doggie parts of this blog, usually written in Swedish, will know I've had some problems finding a treat for Ashiki that he'd do anything for.
Well, in this search I one day more as a joke than anything offered him a choice of sausage or cucumber. He chose...CUCUMBER! And worked really well for it!
I then gave him the choice of sausage and cabbage... and the winner was CABBAGE. Just now as I was preparing dinner I let him choose between mince and broccoli. Now - mince is the one thing that has actually worked as treats before, and something he really does like. And still, he chose broccoli. Not once, but three times!!!

I've also bought him a high visiblity "vest" (reflexväst) to wear now that it's getting dark in the evenings. He hates it. For real. nsIf he sees me bringing it out he runs as far away from me as he can get. Once on and out on a walk, he'll rub up against fences, shrubbery, trees - anything to get rid of it.
I then thought I'd start putting it on just before feeding him, to make him associate the vest with food and thus something good. He hid under the table and wouldn't come out even when I held a piece of chicken right in front of him. He literally panics!
We keep on practicing with the vest, but he REALLY doesn't like it.
Took him for his first short run beside the bike today, just to get him used to the whole thing. He seemed to enjoy it, so we'll keep on practicing.
The plan is also to take them all tracing again this weekend, weather permitting.