Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yay!! Today Andrew has had his first little taste of banana, and he could not eat fast enough, much to my delight.
It all came about as we, 5 mothers with babies, after Babyrytmik (singing with babies) and a push-chair-maffia-walk headed back to our flat for a take away lunch and dessert. After feeding ourselves the little ones wanted their due, which for little M meant banana. Andrew was watching her with great interest, so I thought I'd just see what the reaction would be. I put some in his mouth and awaited the reaction. Quite tenatively he moved his tounge around to see what the heck it was, then cautiously swallowed and decided it didn't kill him.
A little more went in, and he repeated the procedure a little faster and with a bit more umpf. Yet a bit more and he decided this was yummy!! In the end we borrowed M's spoon and he was like a little baby bird who hadn't been fed in weeks. Mouth wide open and eagerly leaning forward to get the goodies faster, faster. He even grabbed hold of my arm to push the spoon towards him faster!
So so funny!!
In the end, he'd have less than a tea-spoon full, but it was only meant as a taster.
We shall repeat the procedure tomorrow eve when Liam is back from work.

In all, a very good day was had even if I'm still quite amazed at how tiring it can be to be at home all day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We're back!

After a long time of silence, I thouht I'd pick up the blogging again. The last time I wrote, we were sadly deciding to let Ashiki have a new home - one where he would be number one. He is now with E and leads a happy active life.

Our prince Andrew is now nearly 4 months, and we discover new things about him every day. He has started laughing, to our delight, and prefers sitting and standing to lying down. When lying on his back, he tries to pull himself up to sit, and can roll from his tummy to his back.
He is mostly all smiles and charms everyone, but has proven to have quite a bit of temperament and goes from 0-100 in 2 seconds flat.

Liam has now started working at the school, which means that I am home alone with Andrew all day. This too is a new experience, as we've so far always have been at home together.
As Liam gets up fairly early, 5.30am, little Andrew woke up at 6 this morning ready to go. Need I say I was far less ready to go, hoping he'd go back to sleep. This, of course did not happen until 45 minutes later when I was up and dressed.
After another two naps, one in the pram out walking, we arrived at the Baby Café where we go on Tuesdays. Today there must have been at least 20 babies with mostly mothers, and of course Andrew was by far the cutest. (Me biased? Not at all! )

At the moment, the soul around which the houshold circles, is in bed but not quite asleep. I'm hoping he's tired enough to fall asleep without me having to get the milking machine out.
Michael, who is sprawled out on the couch, arrived a few hours ago just after Liam got home from work.

My thoughts this evening goes to K who has taken her little baby J to the hospital for a possible op. I hope all goes well, and that J will be back in high form in no time.