Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fetching a bowl...

Some pictures from yesterday's rottweiler date, and also a short film of Ashiki fetching a bowl...'

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby sitting and rottweil-dating

This morning I was given the grace of a sleep in! Ashiki didn't actually wake up until half six!
When we got back from our walk, I hid some hot dog pieces in the front room for the dogs. We haven't done this in quite some time, so Abi and Zassi were over the moon and flew around the room sniffing like bloodhounds. Ashiki on the other hand was not quite sure what to do. Until I showed him a piece of hot dog, that is... They had great fun!
We then made some homemade "destroy-toys", as shown on picture below.

This is what they looked like a few minutes later....

I then gave poor Ashiki a bath... He loves to play in the shower when I'm the one getting wet, but didn't appreciate it quite as much when he was in the wet end...
All clean and lovely smelling we headed out to my brother's place to pick up Mulle that we were looking after today, as Jocke and Sharon were hosting a tracking course for a group of rottweilers.
Well out there we were greeted by 3 rottweieler pups aged 10 and 12 weeks. Ashiki looked so confused, like he for the life of him couldn't figure out what they were or where they came from. Dead funny!
We then had a busy day with Mulle, in the play ground, watching a film, pillow fighting...

When we later dropped Mulle back out to his parents, Ashiki had another hot date with the rottweiler pups, and this time he was far from shy. They had a great time playing together. It was really nice to see!
Once back home again, Ashiki and Zassi played a bit before Ashiki fell asleep with Liam on the couch.
In all, a great day was had by all!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pleasently surprised!

We are just back from the vet where the heffalump Ashiki got his vaccination. Heffalump because he weighs in on an astonishing 8,4 kg!! Pleasently surprised because it only cost me SEK326! Being used to the Irish vet bills, I had expected in and around twice the amount! Whoppeee!!
Ashiki, or Mr Cool, as we call him, took the whole vet thing in a confident stride, marching around as if he owned the place.
The vet was very interested in him, as she'd never met, or even heard of, a Hollandse Herdershond before.

Since I last wrote, we have also been to the local Kennel club - a place that unfortunately requires a story of it's own, better told by someone else... - where we did a bit of socialisation again. Last time Ashiki found the whole thing a little bit nervrecking and barked a fair bit. This time, he had a great time sniffing around, playing tug'o'war with the lead (I know, bad habit, but I'd forgotten his toy) and watching the other dogs. He was such a good dog, and not in any kind of way shape or form nervous. Mr Cool indeed!

Friday, April 10, 2009


A few photos from the day's adventures in Tierp.
Sorry for the somewhat weird colouring on the outdoor photos...

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's a big big world....

if you're a little puppy! We got up bright and early again today, but this time it was me waking Ashiki up rather than the other way around. We went for the usual morning walk, and he is now getting really good on the lead. I had a shower when we got back, and that has to be examined, of course! He had great fun licking water off the floor and chasing the shampoo bottle.
Before heading off to the train, I woke Liam up for doggie watch. Abi and Zassi were slightly confused over the fact that they couldn't just go back to sleep the way they used to do. Someone was pestering them to play!
When I got home again from work, an exhausted Liam met me in the doorway. It's hard work keeping up with Ashiki!
This evening we went up to the local Kennel club, to socialise a bit. There were two labradors training, and Ashiki felt he had to bark a bit, so we clicked and sausaged and that did the trick. We do need to do a lot of socialisation, though.
After this I went into the forest with all three dogs, and let them sniff around for pieces of sausage.
No need to say Ashiki is passed out on the couch!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Working Flames First Flash, aka Ashiki, Day 1!!

He's home!!!! Our beautiful puppy is finally here!
We set off this morning at around 10, with Abi and Zassi in their crate in the boot, and travelled the 300km to Njurunda where Yvonne and Sören live.
When we left Sala, it was a beautiful spring day with splendid sunshine. As we travelled north the skies became over cast, and in the end it rained. This had no impact what so ever on our moods, we were finally meeting Ashiki for the first time!

As we arrived at Yvonne's and Sören's we were met in the door by mum Blaze, who is a beautiful girl! Then there he was, our little fur ball! Cute as a button, and totally adorable! That was it, we were in love!
After some cuddles, tea and chit chat we were ready to drive back to Sala. Poor little Ashiki didn't know what hit him. Being uprooted, but in a car with 2 strangers and then travel 3 hours... The poor crate was sick a couple of times in the car (and nearly myself and Liam as well....), but in the end settled and slept the rest of the way home.
Once we got to the apartment, we took him up to let him have a look at his new home and get aquainted with Liam, while I took Abi and Zassi for a much needed walk.

Once we got back from the walk, it was time for the introductions. We started with Zassi, a little bit apprehensive knowing what Zassi can be like. It turned out we had no reason to worry at all. THey said their hello's and got into play mode. Great!!! We then let Abi join, and as expected that went well. Up we went, all 5 of us! It felt so fabulous to be home, with the whole family!

We fed the hungry pack, and Ashiki even tried to help himself to some of Zassis food, and then the playing began! Zassi and Ashiki have been playing all night, and now they are all sound asleep on the couch and on the floor.
Such a wonderful day!!!!