Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bath time!

My apologies for poor updating lately. Have to good excuses, and not even any bad ones.

Yesterday Andrew had an appointment with his district nurse and I was allowed to come with him.
We headed off a good 1 hour 15 minutes before the appointment, so that he'd have time to sleep before. In my mind, I thought he'd doze off within minutes, he was that tired. Of course things never happen the way I plan them to. We walked and walked, went to look at horses and finally I gave up hoping that he'd sleep before the appointment and started to walk to the hospital. And yes, 20 minutes before the appointment he fell asleep, gone to the world.
Luckily, he was quite easy to wake up, and was in a good mood so all ended well.
While waiting for the nurse he charmed an older woman totally. Well, she wasn't exactly old-old, maybe 10 or 11, but all things are relative!
The nurse then weighed and measured him, 7,6 kg (15 pounds) and 68,5 cm (2,2 ft), and was - naturally, ehrm - impressed at how strong he is sitting steady by himself already.
After that it was time to see the pediatritian for a check up and his vaccines. Check up went well, as did getting two very long needles stabbed into his thighs. He did cry a small bit, but not much at all.
I didn't cry either, but thought the needles looked awfully long!

Today we started off with a long walk with the doggies, kitted out in the fabulous outfit he got from Nanny Mary.

Later in the afternoon we took another stroll, this time to see Mira and mum Helena. Again, Andrew was beyond tired, but stubbornly refused to sleep.
Being doting mothers, we set to work blowing up the paddling pool and filling it with water. An easy task, you may think but oh no. The pool itself was not the smallest model, and we only had one small pump. And my set of lungs, which made me rather dizzy and giddy. After inflating the thing, we carried it out and started filling it with water. This we got from the shower, via Mira's little plastic bath that we then carried out and down the rather steep terrace steps - without spilling a single drop, I'd like to add -and then into the pool.
The manouvre was repeated 5 times, which resulted in at the most 5 cm (2 inches) of water. Thank God the babies are small and don't require more water than that.
They had a great time, as you can see from the photos.

And finally a mother & son photo.