Friday, February 13, 2009

Good day!

I would just like to tell you all some GOOD news for a change. Well, good for me and Liam anyway.
As you might, or mightn't, know, I have been working as an Administrative Secretary at the Church of Sweden, Central Church Office, on a temporary contract since August.
I was yesterday offered a permanent position, to which I - of course - said yes!
And got a nice little pay rise as well.... ;)
Could it be that our luck has turned? Well, I think so anyway!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter wonder land

It has been snowing a fair bit today and yesterday, and what we have now is really a winter wonderland! Took the doggies for their morningwalk, and they nearly disappeared in the snow!

Well, since I updated the last time a few small bit have happened. Things like me dropping my work mobile in a cup of tea (don't ask me how I did it...), our car dying on us after arriving at the airport to go to England (it then turned out it was just a bad connection to the battery, after my dad driving all the way from Tierp to the airport) and of ourse us having a fab time in England!

The plans for today is to have a look at the gym and see about getting Liam a membership, waiting for the county council to clear the roads so I can go jogging, go to my brother's for a cup of coffee, study a bit of Swedish and then... the dreaded bleeding report I have to do for work. I started on it on Thursday by reading throgh all the texts, then started typing a bit on Friday, only to realise, on Friday afternoon, that I got the whole thing arsewise and now have to start all over again! Whoppee... not.
So, after me acutally having planned my work so that I WOULDN'T have to work at home, I find myself having to do just that...
Ah well, at least I've got the Vicar of Dibley box set to cheer me up. That, the Harry Potter box set and 2 toys for the dogs (of which one only lasted a couple of hours) was all we managed to get at Harrods after spending the entire day there. Well, I could thing of a zillion other things I would have wanted to get for us, but flying with Ryan Air means your quite limited...

Above are a few photos taken from our kitchen window just this morning.