Monday, May 31, 2010

Jungle City

Last Saturday Liam, I, Andrew and Mulle went to the softplay area Jungle City in Gävle. This, as always, meant that Liam and Mulle were running around and climbing like mad ones. One minute they were at the slides, the next in the ball room, then the trampolines... Pretty much everyw here. I'm not quite sure who had the better time, the big boy the little boy.
What I do know is that the smallest boy and his mother went to the little playarea designated for children under 4 years, and had a great time there. Andrew was decidedly the youngest one there, and very much all the other children's favourite. He had at least one child near him all the time, much to Andrew's delight. With big eyes he watched the other kids jumping, rolling, sliding and running. I could nearly hear him think "You just wait, soon enough I'll be running faster than you!".

Meanwhile we are enjoying fantastic weather, and I am trying to pretend we don't have to start packing very soon.

With Mormor and Mulle

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Now our baby boy is properly christened, by the most fantastic priest. Sadly, I don't have any photos from day, so please send them to me those of you who happen to have some!
The day was fabulous, even though it started off foggy and grey. They fog soon disappeared, and instead we had glorious sunshine all day long. The priest gave a really good service both in Swedish and English, and Andrew was in good form all through the service. He had a firm grip on his yellow/pink toothbrush, and sometimes my brother's paper with his reading on. Only when we sang the last hymn did Andrew think enough was enough, so the priest cut it short and let us step out into the sunshine.
After coffee and cake in the parish hall, we all headed back to my parent's house for BBQ and a game of kubb. Of course the guys had to cheat to win, but we were gracious enough to pretend we didn't mind. Well, not Wilma, cause she threw one of the sticks quite close to someone's head... :D

The Swedish branch of the Higgins' family has bought a house! Well, half a house, I suppose. It's a semidetached house with 3 bedrooms and a good sized garden. We'll move in on the 1st of July, and neither one of us can wait to have more space and foremost a garden! And two terraces. Happy days!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Laid back Sunday

Bestest friendsTeckenstorlek

Sunday morning, but we still wake up at 7am. And this time it was I who woke first, followed by Andrew. Together we decided to give Liam a lie in, as he treated me to the same yesterday, and then a fab breakfast.
A bit later the whole family took a long walk in the sunshine, did our weekly shopping and then just relaxed.
Liam is away in Uppsala having a pint or two with Michael and Shaun, while I'm enjoying a quiet evening with Andrew sleeping in his bed.
Tomorrow the bidding on the house starts off again, and I hope that it will be over and done with, in our favour, by the evening.

Father & son

Peas please!

Zassi's new favourite spot in the window